We are changing the world

 We are developing a digital platform for addiction treatment with which you can undergo your treatment anywhere, anytime.

Our business idea is full-service for occupational health care.

Through our services and products, occupational health care can eliminate intermediaries, reduce costs, increase results, and conduct safe addiction treatments in-house.

This is made possible through the digital platforms we have developed, where the patient completes a large part of the treatment through self-work and e-therapy materials in combination with traditional therapy.


Our mission is to transform addiction treatment on a globale scale.



This is achived through secure and user-friendly systems where you can be completely anonymous. 


We have developed a digital platform with which you can undergo treatment anywhere, anytime.


During our developmental journey, we have collaborated with, among others, ABI, Almi, Tillväxtverket, and LTU.


Do you feel like you want to contribute with expertise, network, or resources to our ongoing journey, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Jonas Johansson Asp

Founder and therapist.

"With my 20 years in the field of addiction, I feel that I can contribute something unique to the development of new treatment methods for addiction"

Carina Sörlander Jäder

Account Manager


"With my thirty years in the health industry and experience in sales, I have a good insight into both health, work environment and understanding of the possibility and needs of digital treatment tools for patients, therapist and companies."

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